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Luiza's bookings are closed for appointments in Lisbon, so it's not possible to require a quote for now.

To book a tattoo with Rafa, fill up the form below.

Before requiring a quotation, please read below.

* it can take up to 7 days to answer your request.

How do I work?

Each tattoo project is unique, created for each client based on it's references and ideas, considering the anatomy and placement on the body. The final art is shown at the day only, where we can, togheter, change any detail if needed. somente no dia da tatuagem, onde podemos juntos alterar qualquer detalhe que for preciso.

Every project follows my aesthetic and style, which means that projects like writings or in specific styles will be dismissed or suggested to another artist.

To book your date will be requested a deposit, that will be slaughtered from the total value. 

Don't forget to leave here any information that you feel like necessary to create your project!

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