The Lu

Luiza likes to steal little plants wherever she goes, enjoys a sunset and feet on the sand. Likes to meet new places but hates airplane. She knows how precious the moments made of pizza and NETFLIX are.

But life is not just flowers, she question herself all the time, has her crises of identity, anxiety, and tries to cling to the Creator in the midst of these storms.

She loves sleeping the same way she loves her family. Oh, in the off-hours she also make tattoos...

The Rafa

Rafa is always with a smile on his face, has lived in several places and his talents migrate together too: he is photographer, musician, entrepreneur and body piercer.

The atelier

An intimate space in the heart of Lisbon. The historical center of the Portuguese capital now has a little corner where, besides tattoos, also offers beautiful art prints, t-shirts, photographs, piercings and jewels, and much more! art prints, camisetas, fotografias, piercings e jóias, e muito mais!

Ah, também somos itinerantes e Oh, we are also itinerant and you can check here the next landing places of the blackbird..

If you are a tattoo artist as well, and you want to know the city of Lisbon and need a place to work, bu clicking in the button below you can learn more about how to be a guest in our studio.

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